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Cutie - (Age 7-12)Children Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Gaming Glasses-Matte Transparent



1*Outer Package,1*Cortical Box,1*Cloth Bag,1*Glasses Cloth

Suitable for children 7-12 years old.

What is blue light?

Blue light has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes.

"Nearly 70% of people experience digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices." - The Vision Council.

Our Blue Blocker Lenses are virtually clear lenses made with a special blue-light blocking polymer that prevents blue light and UV rays from passing through the lens.


Five Stars!

All that I wanna say is thank you for seller. Quality for this price is amazing. Italian design looks perfect. You can wear these glasses with any outfit. I love them. For 100% recommend this seller for you.

Petty / Instagram

Fast Shipping!

I love these glasses! Great for looking at the computer all day and sensitive eyes. I love that they are trendy and effectively helpful!Fast Shipping!

Nancy / Facebook

High Quality

These glasses are well built, stylish and don't turn the world yellow. What more can you ask for from some UV protection glasses. I am a photographer and found myself using them for photoshoots because they look expensive

Adorable / Twitter

Love these glasses!

Love these glasses! They’re super affordable, stylish, and they’ll protect your eyes from the many hours a day we all spend on our electronic devices. Would definitely recommend. They arrived in 48 hours, which is also very convenient. Several colors available too, which I love. I want them all! One for each outfit lol

Able / Instagram

Well made

Absolutely love how well built, stylish and affordable these glasses are. Bought these glasses to counteract all the computer/screen time I engage in. Great buy! Can’t beat the price!

Gorgia / Facebook

super happy buyer

I am super happy with my new pair of glasses. Love that I can combine both with different outfits and the modern design they have. They are very light, come with their own case and the price is fair.

Candy / Twitter

Highly recommend this product!

Came quickly! They are super sturdy and super cute. I have a round fat head (no shame in that!) and it’s always a dangerous game buying eyewear online for myself! However, I couldn’t be more happier with this purchase! They are light and fit perfectly! There aren’t any pressure points by my ears and they are actually big on my face!! I love them! So far they have been an eye saver while staring at my computer/phone and watching TV! Best part, you get two pairs!!! Highly recommend this product!

Daisy / Instagram

Very practical

These glasses are my favorite!!! I am on my phone and computer all day and these protect my eyes from the horrible light. They also look so cute and go with any outfit! Highly recommend even for outside wear!!!

Mauren / Facebook

They really do help!

I recently started an online grad program and was finding I was getting headaches a lot from staring at a screen all day. I ordered these and have noticed SUCH a difference! I love that this comes in a two-pack because I have a pair to keep in my office and one by the TV. I have not gotten many headaches since I started wearing these glasses. All my friends bought these too and love them! I love the different styles too! Do yourself a favor and order these glasses! They really do help!

Bella / Facebook

Great product

I’ve been using blue light glasses for a few years now as I’m always staring at a computer screen for work. These are definitely the best quality I’ve ever gotten at this price point! They’re also super flattering and I love that I get two colors basically for the price of one! I added a photo of them on my husband to show that they truly are unisex (I’m biased but I think he looks cute)! Follow me on insta to see my other product recommendations!

Florida / Twitter

Will Order More

I absolutely love these glasses. Before using these I would get serious migraines from being on my computer all day. As a student I don't have much of an option and I really needed something to help me last through online readings and assignments. I plan on purchasing more colors.

Stephanie / Instagram

greatly enjoy them.

The style is amazing and appears to look very high quality. The sample blue light these glasses came with is reflected by the lenses but for other blue lights, from computers and other screens I am not sure about since there is no research. Overall they are fun to wear and I greatly enjoy them.

Tiffany / Twitter

Love love LOVE

Absolutely IN LOVE! with these glasses. Looks fabulous, fits to all my outfits. And the best thing they come in 2pack !!! Love love LOVE

Rose / Twitter

High recommend

I love these glasses, I work on my computer a lot. I love that these came in a pack of two and were such a great price! They are light weight and comfortable to wear but also good quality and durable. And they're so adorable which is a plus! I would recommend trying these out!

Alexi / Instagram

I actually like them

I actually like them, it definitely help with eye fatigue. I felt they weren't as tired after putting them and staring at the computer. I might use them at night too when I'm on my phone!!

Wynn / Facebook

These glasses are great!

These glasses are great! Such a good deal for the price. Durable and sturdy, and a universal size for men and women. Both pairs passed the blue light test.

Mary / Twitter

high quality

I love these glasses! They are both super trendy and high quality. I’m excited for these to help with my eye strain!

Stell / Instagram

The style is amazing

The style is amazing and appears to look very high quality. The sample blue light these glasses came with is reflected by the lenses but for other blue lights, from computers and other screens I am not sure about since there is no research. Overall they are fun to wear and I greatly enjoy them.

Kate / Twitter

These are great!

These are great! If worn them for a week to relieve my surfer’s eye and eye strain in general and they have been a fun accessory and very functional.

Ton / Facebook

Would definitely recommend!

These glasses are really comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time! They really help give comfort to your eyes while working on your computer or watching TV. The glasses are light and help alleviate headaches and eye pain caused by screen time. The two colors mean that you can wear these glasses with any outfit, or share with a friend. Would definitely recommend!

Smith / Instagram